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Network planning engineer responsibilities
They will help to plan the complete set-up of the network for an organization to meet their satisfaction level. It includes CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) as well as OSP (Outside Plant) deployment.They are involved in the creation of custom network designs which needs placement of new fibers, analysis of capacity information across the OSP fiber plan according to defined network architecture. Network planning engineer responsibilities There is no disagreeing that systems and networks are the dynamic forces of the contemporary IT & Telecom domain. Irrespective of any new skills arise, whether it is cloud computing, IOT or any new technology, usually powered by networks communication. Hence, system networking has been, an essential technology for the organization.Engineers make use of technical skills for the network in association with the project management of given network engineering discipline. In case of network failure during peak hours there should be a backup plan in place much before commencing the network driven production
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